Learn how to bid for cleaning services contracts
Learn how to bid for home cleaning services
Wholesale Cleaning Services Books And Software for Janitorial Supply And Booktrade Resellers  ... to place an order or to establish credit, e-mail us today!   
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 Resellers: how to order our products wholesale
To order our products wholesale:
Read the “product details” web pages on this site, to assist you in your selection of our products.

Read the Wholesale discount schedule & terms for resellers, below

E-mail us at:email@janitorial-and-home-cleaning-business-systems.com indicating the product type and quantities you wish to order, along with your company’s name, e-mail & shipping addresses and sales tax exemption ID.  You may also attach a Purchase Order.

Your discount eligibility will be confirmed by email.  If you placed a P.O., you will also receive an invoice.  A link for a secure credit card purchasing option, will also be found in your confirmation email as well.  
(wholesale customers, who’s policies prevent them from placing orders via e-mail can initiate the ordering process by sending us an e-mail with the appropriate contact information outlined in “step 3.”  
Any of the books and software products offered by www.janitorial-and-home-cleaning-business-systems.com, are available to booktrade and janitorial supply resellers, through our website, according to the wholesale price schedule & terms below.
Resource Guides For Cleaning Services Contractors:

1.) Cleaning Services Bid Estimation
     Retail price: $69.95 US (ISBN: ISBN: 0-9717477-7-6/ UPC: 82236000005)
     45% discount to independent book stores and cleaning supply resellers ordering through this website 

2.) Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services
     Retail price $44.95 US (ISBN: ISBN: 0-9717477-6-8/ UPC: 82236000004)
     45% discount to independent book stores and cleaning supply resellers ordering through this website
Bid Estimation Software For Cleaning Services Professionals:

1.) Janitorial & Home Cleaning Services: (Bid Estimating Worksheets For Microsoft Excel® --
     Retail price $49.95 CA (UPC: 82236000002)
      35% discount to independent book stores and cleaning supply resellers ordering through this website
Terms For Resellers:

Typically, no return is possible for any order that is correctly filled, with product that is not-defective and is in  good condition, after the customer takes responsibility for the products shipped (e.g., at shipment for "collect" & F.O.B. shipments, or upon accepting goods at the resale customer's shipping & receiving point, or that that product which is accepted directly by the retail customer).  All sales are final in this case.  FOB policy also applies to retail purchase.

www.janitorial-and-home-cleaning-business-systems.com,  must be notified, in writing (e-mail preferred), of any claim for return and or, reimbursement/ replacement for damaged or defective goods, attributable to www.janitorial-and-home-cleaning-business-systems.com.  Typically, a detailed description of the circumstances and a photo of one or more of the damaged goods and or packaging may be required, as a condition for approval of returns.  Claims for items damaged in shipments made by commercial carriers can only be processed and successfully completed with satisfactory supporting evidence submitted to the carrier, and their subsequent approval to reimburse the shipper in the event of a shipping damage claim.
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