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Janitorial bidding, charts and worksheets for making a bid on commercial cleaning services
                  At Last!  A comprehensive bidding  guide to making a precise bid for janitorial services
to learn how to improve your profits
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Janitorial Resource Guide For Commercial Cleaning Services bidding (Product details)
Cleaning Services Bid Estimation ...

Publisher’s Notes:
Cleaning Services Bid Estimation, provides job aids, which allow small commercial cleaning services contractors, to quantitate a bid for janitorial jobs, with the same precision and detail, as larger commercial cleaning services competitors.  It is is a unique innovation in its category and is inexpensive, relative to other janitorial bidding resources, currently available to commercial cleaning services contractors.  Users can easily recoup their investment, soon after implementing the tools found in Cleaning Services Bid Estimation.

By far, the question that fledgling Cleaning Services contractors ask janitorial consultants the most, is “What price should we bid for the various cleaning services that we provide, to remain competitive and still maintain a reasonable profit?”  While industry consultants are happy to relate examples from their personal experience, they usually are quick to add, that there is no single answer.
Nearly 40 cleaning time estimates, for basic cleaning tasks commonly performed by janitorial & Home Cleaning services

nearly 70
monthly  and  annual
price/ sq. ft. charts.  
graduated over a
 full range of
 cleaning applications:
(each chart can be used to
 find a bid price, based on a known cleaning area)

(charts can be used to find a total cleaning time for virtually any cleaning task, based on known cleaning rates & cleaning areas)

 “ easy to use”
BIDdding  worksheets
for calculating:
 * overhead costs
 * overhead distribution
* work loading
 * cleaning supply costs
 * Bid summary/ bid quote

   NOA example
For a  commercial Janitorial contract bid  
(with performance based cleaning specifications) 

 Janitorial Bid proposal
 example/ Template
Cleaning Services Bid Estimation:

A Resource Guide To
Cleaning Services Bid Estimating,
Work Loading And Cost counting
(Charts, Tables And Worksheets For Cleaning Times, Production Rates, Price Per Square Foot, Work Loading, Cost Accounting And Pricing/ Bid Estimations, With Examples, Formulas & Explanations)
Purchase Options
 Large commercial cleaning services, often prepare a janitorial bid quotes, using detailed work loading estimates, from production rate and cleaning times data, developed over time, in-house, or drawn from industry tables, or janitorial bidding software, costing  ~$250, or more.

This bidding guide is “packed” with useful job aids, such as the work loading spreadsheet and the price vs total cleaning area, shown below.  The janitorial bid estimation techniques presented, are readily adapted to any situation.  “Easy to use,” charts and worksheets are clearly explained using relevant  examples, calculations and illustrations.  Dozens of useful charts, worksheets and tables, allow the user to prepare bid estimates for cleaning areas, from 100 to 100,000 sq. ft., or more.  Templates for each worksheet, can be conveniently removed and copied, for repeated use.   This guide helps you to “level the paying field” with larger commercial cleaning services.   
(work loading worksheet)
Determine precise workloads for virtually any cleaning application, with great detail and accuracy!
 Nearly 40 estimates of cleaning times, for basic cleaning and floor care tasks, are included to assist beginners until they can establish refined estimates of their own.   Buy the guide today and start using these charts to prepare your next janitorial bid.
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Example 2 of 3
(Price vs Cleaning Area)

Find a bid price estimate in seconds!

Nearly 70 bid price charts, covering a full range of monthly and annual, price/ sq. ft., service rates, for virtually any cleaning application.  Monthly charts can also be used for “one time cleaning” bid estimates.

 Once you have established a janitorial bid estimate for your commercial cleaning services rate, simply locate the chart that matches it, align your finger to the cleaning area you are bidding on and find the corresponding price.
concise examples show you how!
$0.12 per sq jpegwtext.jpg
*Calculate cleaning time estimates for cleaning areas from 10,000 - 100,000 sq. ft., by multiplying by the price found on the chart by “10”
Example 3 of 3
(Production Rate Chart)
(typifies a production rate for general office cleaning)

Determine total cleaning time  estimates in seconds!

Nearly 80 production rate charts, covering a full range of cleaning tasks.

Once you have established an estimate for your production rates, simply locate the chart that matches your production rate, align your finger to the area you are bidding on and find the corresponding total cleaning time.  Now your janitorial service can bid competitively with larger commercial services.

concise examples  show you how!
*Calculate cleaning time estimates for cleaning areas from 10,000 - 100,000 sq. ft., by multiplying by the price found on the chart by “10”
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