A Complete Guide To Starting A Janitorial Or Home Cleaning Business,
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Resource Guides For Cleaning Services Contractors (product details)
This Book is Packed with Valuable
Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services ...
Resource Guide #1 (Guide For Starting And Developing A Cleaning Business)
A basic Start-up
Business Plan Checklist

   11 pages of
 invaluable resource

4 types of insurance your business may need

4 types of insurance your business may need

21 IRs tax forms, schedules and  publications relevant to sole-proprietorships

how to determine a price or rate for  your services

work loading
 examples and sample
production rate charts

   12 tips and  techniques for negotiating your

6 fundamentals of
customer relations

 8 essential cleaning practices to help build
successful customer

8 factors employers must consider in determining employee or  independent contractor status

8 ways to motivate and help maintain employees

where to find cost-effective employee
background checks

 where to find uniforms for a single employee
or an  entire crew 

18 basic cleaning services provided by home Cleaning services

 15 basic cleaning services provided by janitorial services

5 cleaning services advertising examples, including A Door hanger, postcard, customer
 survey, flyer,
website home page  
 I'm thinking of starting a cleaning business,
 How do I ...?

 Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
 ... Research, research, research – this cannot be
 stressed enough. Read as much as you can about
 the industry.... book titles that are relevant:

 Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services
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Publisher’s Notes
Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services:  A Resource Guide To Developing And Maintaining Your Own Janitorial Or Home Cleaning Business, contains a wealth of practical information, to assist individuals, in the planning, start-up and development, of a solo, small or medium size Cleaning Services business.  Pertinent topics from A-Z, are introduced in a logical and progressive sequence.  Major topics include, developing a business plan, the selection and care of equipment and supplies, (pricing/ bid estimation/ work loading), marketing and advertising, cleaning and safety practices, customer relations, as well as insurance, taxes and hiring practices.  Each topic is introduced in a clear and concise manner, coupled with pertinent examples, formulas and illustrations (e.g., a government janitorial services contract, NOA & cleaning specifications, janitorial bid proposal, bidding formulas/ scenarios, production rate and pricing per sq. ft., charts, negotiation techniques, print & internet advertising examples, etc.,).  At the end of the guide, nearly 10 pages of resource references are provided, indexed by topic and each in the order that it appears in the guide.

100 valuable resource references are listed.  These references give the reader access to vital information, needed to implement the key phases of a cleaning services start-up, and initiate essential steps towards its continued growth.  Resources include, business planning aids, equipment/ supply sourcing, uniform sourcing, bid estimation resources, industry associations, cleaning services networking forums, print & internet advertising resources, floor care, tax forms & preparation resources, accounting and payroll services, cleaning techniques, insurance, etc.,.  Special emphasis is placed on the use of sound business fundamentals, bid estimation & cost accounting techniques, cleaning consistency & efficiency, effective use of capital and the use of the internet, as a research, networking and advertising tool.

Walter Fenix, a veteran of several business start-ups, with over 20 years technical and business management, provides both aspiring and experienced janitorial & home cleaning contractors, with a contemporary and timely handbook, that can help make the difference between success and failure.

Are You Are Looking To Start or
Expand Your Own Cleaning Business?

Here Are Four Compelling Reasons
Why You Should Buy This Book:

You Will Learn The Nuts and Bolts of Preparing
Precise Commercial Cleaning Rates, Professionally.

You Will Study a Detailed Instructional
Example, of a Government Notice of Award,
For a Janitorial Services Contract,
(with cleaning service agreement specifications,)
So That You Can Learn And Understand,
The Nuts and Bolts of What Governments Require, Of The Winning Cleaning Services Contractor.

You Will Study a Detailed Example and Instructions on How to Prepare and Submit an Effective
and Professional Janitorial Proposal.

You Will Learn How to Interview and Screen Job Applicants, Professionally and Effectively.
 Having Access to Reliable and Trustworthy Employees, Will Help You Continue to Expand
Your Business, Once You Land That
Next Office Cleaning Contract.

For Less Than The Price Of An Evening Dining Out,
Or Going To The Movies, You Can Purchase
This Janitorial Resource, And Learn Professional Techniques And Strategies, Which When
Properly Used,  Will Pay For Themselves,
Over And Over, For Years To Come.    
and so
much more ...
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The huge Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Services market in the United States and Canada exceeds $85 billion (US dollars).   This market consists largely of small independent and franchise operators.  www.bizstats.com reports that for 143 categories of sole proprietorships surveyed in the United States, Janitorial and related building services ranked in the top 20 percent for likelihood of profitability.

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services is a resource guide dedicated to individuals who are currently planning to start their own Janitorial or Home Cleaning Contracting businesses and to those who have already started Commercial or Residential Cleaning Services businesses and are looking for ways to improve their competitiveness and profitability.

This guide provides insightful introductions to a complete range of topics relevant to the start-up and development of Janitorial and Home Cleaning Contracting businesses.  Each topic is discussed in a clear and concise manner, that highlights straightforward explanations and common sense approaches wherever possible.  Over 100 useful references are included.  

In this guide you will learn about:
* How to Write Small Business Plans in order to obtain loans and to organize the rollout
   and development of your business, a convenient small business checklist is included;
* Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, including applications, pricing, sourcing (i.e., a list of
   national distributors), maintenance tips and a brief introduction to floor care systems;        
* Marketing and Advertising Strategies for cleaning businesses, including an introduction
   to and several examples of the use of advertising media such as the internet, the yellow
   pages, mailer's, local TV & Radio, postcards, customer surveys, flyers, door hangers etc.;
* How to Determine a Price for Your Services, including an introduction to and examples
   of bidding and cost accounting methods, with formulas for bidding and overhead
   distribution, work loading examples, production rate and pricing charts, sample “Notice
   Of Award’s” with service agreement specifications, bid proposal examples and negoti-
   ation strategies;
* Cleaning Practices, including an introduction to team cleaning approaches and cleaning
   tips that will help you establish credibility with new clients and maintain your business;
* Customer Relations, including tips on correcting problems, employee behavior, gifts;
* Safety, Insurance, Taxes, Contracts and Hiring, including invaluable introductions,
   explanations and essential references.