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Web Site Design And Website Hosting For Janitorial Services & Home Cleaning    (Product details)
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    The response time for “customer supplied” materials  is essential to the order processing.
Step 1:
Select a choice for a template  (6 templates to choose from)

Step 2:
e-mail us at , with a list of the type and quantity of the products that you wish to order, in addition to the website design you have selected and the hosting package that you intend to use.  Do not send full or partial payment for website related orders, until the ordering process is complete.  In order to apply the corresponding discounts, for multiple product purchases, the entire order must be processed along with the website design & set-up service purchase.    
Step 3:
You will be e-mailed a completed and approved purchased order form, with website design & set-up terms, and instructions for signing-up with our hosting services.   Save the e-mail attachments you receive, to your computer.  They will be needed to complete the ordering process.

Step 4:
The charges for the domain name (where applicable) and all hosting services are separate  from the  charges for the website design, uploading & set-up, that is performed by for you.  Your “instructions” will provide our current hosting vendor’s website address.   You will pay ( by money order or bank cashier’s check  at the end of the ordering process.  Sign-up with the web hosting vendor, for a domain name (as applicable) and the hosting package that you wish (major credit card required).  This takes only a few minutes and does not require web Development skills or knowledge on the part of the customer.

Step 5:
Once you have successfully signed up for web hosting services, e-mail the completed website template design, “customer text” form attachment you received from us, to our e-mail address, with the phrase: “customer text” + your P.O. number) in the subject field.  This form will contain all of the information needed to customize the web page template that you selected into a functioning website and configure your e-mail accounts.

Step 6:
 When you receive an e-mail from the hosting service, confirming your order, forward the e-mail containing the user ID, password and account manager address to our e-mail address.  Our website design department will need this information in order to access your website account manager, so that we can up-load your website files to the hosting company’s website server and set-up your email configurations.

Step 7:
You will be sent an e-mail reply confirming that all of the requirements have been met, in order  to begin design and set-up of your website.  Your order has been processed at this point.  At this, time remit payment by money order or cashier’s check only, made payable to the account and address provided in the e-mail you first received from us, containing your approved purchase order form, hosting service instructions and terms.  Work will begin on  your website as soon as full payment has been received and should take 2-3 days to complete, at a minimum.  Please remit payment for all products associated with the website order, at this time.  All other products will ship upon receipt of payment for the whole order.     

Step 8:
Once your website is functional, you will be notified by e-mail.  Should your website content require revisions per  your “customer” text form, errors will be corrected without charge.   If updates are required going forward, submit them via e-mail, referencing your P.O. number and your domain name.  All additional work will be estimated and billed at $22/ hour (two hour minimum).  Prepayment will be required for all updates to content, or site maintenance.  Because the only active applications on your website are e-mail buttons and optional auto responders, very little maintenance, if any, is anticipated once the site is complete.          

The customer is responsible for all payments and notification of any upgrades or cancellation, to the web hosting service.  Once your project has been completed per terms of the sale, we are acting as a consultant to the customer, going forward (consultants in the industry typically bill at $50-$85 per hour, our rates are a fraction of typical webmaster rates).      
Just sign-up for web hosting  service, e-mail us your text, and we’ll do the rest!
web hosting
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$6.95/ mo!
See all six templates  below!
Web page  content
For each  template, you have the option of using a customer supplied logo.   
We can put your Company’s slogan in the header, or you can select the  template default slogan
(applies to all templates)
Photo of your
 choice here!
Our Service Co. 
100 1st Street,
 “Anytown”, State, 12345
Owner: Your Name
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Cellular: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Bonded & Insured by:
 Acme Insurance
liberal text limits for all five information fields, allows you to extend information about your business, well below the web page example shown here!

(applies to all templates)
We can put your Company’s name on our logo, or we can use
 your company’s logo file

(This option applies  to all  templates)
Our courteous staff  is fully bonded and insured.  We offer professional  services, as well as  a range of special services, such as ...
Basic .SERVICES.. xxxxxxxx,
 yyyyyyyy &  zzzzzzzzzz
We currently serve these zip codes: 12345, 12346, 12347
* Detailing your service needs
* Request an appointment for a free consultation. has distilled the essential design elements of successful custom web sites for small services, consulting, contracting and retail businesses, into stylish templates that provide a full range of functionality and flexibility.

Specially designed for the needs of small businesses, consultants, contractors, some of the main features of our templates include: auto responder e-mail and general e-mail accounts; a choice of customer’s own logo, or the logo shapes found in the templates; optional inclusion of a customer photo or graphics file; five or six fully editable text fields, with generous limits for the number of words in each field; fully editable title headers, free  search engine preparation and submission.

Websites are a useful tool for extending the effectiveness of phone book ads, flyers, door hangers, business cards, mailer's, post cards, broadcast media, networking and face to face solicitations.  By referencing your website address in these other advertising media, you can provide the customer with a way of reviewing the types of  products services that you provide and of communicating their needs to you quickly and easily, at their convenience.  

In addition, just as many business and residential customers consult the phone book to find cleaning services, increasingly, these customers are searching for services, on-line.  Finally,  having a website helps to establish credibility and a certain cache among potential customers.

Take advantage of these “unheard” of prices and get started today!
(The cheapest competitors that we have found to date, charge $350-$600)

All that is required of the customer, is to select a template and template options and then place a purchase order request by e-mail.  You will receive a order confirmation, along with an invoice by e-mail, confirming your order, along with applicable discounts applied to the purchase price.  You will also receive instructions for signing up with a web hosting service (this take a few minutes and requires no special internet expertise).  Then you will e-mail your content (text, titles, and optionally, photos or logo files), to us, using our convenient form.

Once you receive confirmation from the web hosting company by e-mail, you will forward the information needed for our web designers to load your website and configure your website’s e-mail accounts, by e-mail, to us.  Then you will send payment in full and once it is received, the website will be constructed and uploaded.  You will be notified by e-mail when the website is functional.

Its as easy as that!
(if you can use e-mail, we can get you started towards your own website today!)

price to you ...
 $144.95 US

Order web design now *with any other product or service and save
 Our price to
 you ...
*$113.75 US
Template #2  Blue - Sunburst Yellow
Photo of your
 choice here!

   your own:

     *Domain Name
     *Text & titles
    *Logo  (optional)
    *Photo (optional)

Generous text limits for 5 info fields.  Text fields can be expanded beyond the example shown here.

(applies to all templates)
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