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How To Order Website Design & Hosting For Cleaning Service ... Ordering is easy.  E-mail us your template selection.  We’ll e-mail you a pre-approved order form, with instructions to get you started.
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Website Design And Website Hosting
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To order Website Design and Website Hosting services:

1.)  Read the product “overview,” “details” and “pricing & terms” web pages
     on this site, to assist you in your selection of our products and to
     understand the ordering process (i.e., “How It Works”).

2.) Read the “pricing & terms” for website design and website hosting,
     web page, in order to understand design options, pricing and
     the terms of the website design and hosting services.

3.) E-mail us at:
    indicating the template that you have selected, along with the
    product type and quantities of any other products that you wish to
     order, in conjunction with the website design and hosting
     (this necessary to receive applicable discounts, if you order other products
     separately, discounts for website design do not apply).

4.)  www.janitorial-and-home-cleaning-business-systems.com, will
     e-mail to you an approved purchase order form for you to
      complete, with applicable discounts applied.  It will also contain
      instructions on how to complete the ordering process (click product
       “details” and product “pricing & terms” pages above for more details).
Still have questions? send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!
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