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How To Order Resource Guides & Bid Estimating Software
Cleaning Services Books & Janitorial Bidding Software    (How  To Order)
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Bid estimation
To order Cleaning Services Books and Bid Estimating Software:
(*note: to order books or software along with website design services, go to the “how to order” page for website design and hosting services, i.e., click “products” button above)

1.) Read the product “overview” and “details” web pages on this
     site, to assist you in your selection of our products.

2.) Order resource guides and bid estimating software, by
Order now, by major credit card or electronic check approval, by using the “Buy Now” button to make a purchase of a single product, or by using the “Add to Cart” to put multiple products  in your shopping cart.  To reach these buttons, click on the “products” button at the top of any page on this site (this takes you to the site map).  Then click on “order” for the product(s) you want to buy (this takes you to an --order/ product overview-- page).

Click on the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button that is nearest to the book cover or CD cover displayed on that page.  You will be taken to the PayPal site temporarily, to complete your order selection.  If you choose the “Add to Cart” option, once you add items to your cart, you have the option of checking out, or returning to this site to resume shopping.  Using the “View Cart” button you may review all of the items you currently have selected to purchase, until you elect to complete the ordering process (i.e., checkout).  You may edit your selections at any time prior to checking out.      

You may also reach the “Buy Now” button, shopping cart or order forms for books and software, by clicking on “product overview” buttons on the button panel to the far left of this page, which correspond to the product(s) you want to buy, or by using the “fast link” button panels that are displayed on many of the pages of this site.

Place an order request by e-mail.  Include product selection, quantity, & shipping address (you will receive a reply with an a PayPal invoice link.  e-mail us at: 
     (see terms for payment, shipping & handling below)
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Bid estimatio
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 “commercial & Residential Cleani
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“commercial & Residential Cleanin
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 “... Bid Estimating Worksheets...
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